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Our Philosophy

importance of touchWe have been supporting companies, individuals and couples as they move towards achieving their goals. Over recent years he has been particularly interested in the connection between the body/mind connection and introduced touch into his predominantly verbal coaching. He found that the combination of being tactile while talking about issues in life helped people move forward even more than just talking about achieving goals. He found that especially when he was coaching relationship issues with couples that progress was speeded up when the couple were (non-sexually) tactile with each other during the coaching session. Their communication was improved and each person within the relationship felt a renewed sense of excitement about their future

The Cuddle Group is an extension to that and takes this human connection theory a step forward. cuddle group human touch

A cuddle group is a structured, connecting workshop which explores affection, intimacy, boundaries and verbal/non-verbal communication.

This is a non-sexual event in which you can meet new people in a relaxing environment.

A safe place where you can experiment with whatever allows you to feel considered and respected as well as to feel clear about the non-sexual touch that feels good to you.

It is a place for people to rediscover non-sexual touch and affection
It is a space to re-frame assumptions about your fellow human beings
It is a fun networking event where you can meet new friends and possibly  business partners or even significant others

Our philosophy is simple: touch between living organisms can have therapeutic effects.

  • A hug from a parent when young is a place of safety.
  • Being touched by your partner can be reassuring.
  • Hugging a close friend strengthens the bond of that friendship.
  • Even a hug or touch of the arm from a stranger can work wonders for the feeling of wellbeing

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