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Personalised Cuddle Events

Why not try one of our bespoke cuddle events or a 1-2-1 cuddle session?

Increase communication and have fun while doing it with our non-sexualgroup cuddle group cuddle group events personalised for your group needs.

Below are some ideas but we can organise any type of cuddle event you want by putting it together, providing a facilitator and taking care of everything you will need to have a great safe time.

  • Your Office
    This may sound a bit weird but it is not as silly as it sounds. Offices and workplaces all around the world are looking for new and innovative ways to strengthen the communication between their team. This is a teambuilding event with a difference. Let us organise from beginning to end your next office teambuilding event with a cuddle party.

  • Your House Party
    Get even closer to your friends by having a cuddle group event in your house. Ideal numbers are between 10 and 20. As well as being great fun, the effects of strengthening the bond between friends is too good to pass up. Yes it may be a bit embarrassing at the start and yes you might wonder what you are getting into but rest assured with us organising the whole time for you and facilitating it you and your friends will be jostling over who hosts the next one


  • One to One Cuddle Session
    Find out more about one to one cuddle sessions


  • Just the two of you (You and Your Partner)couple cuddles
    This is a perfect way for two people in a loving intimate relationship to communicate without words. With our help bring your relationship forward by experimenting with cuddles and touch for a tactile experience that you can do together again and again in the future.
  • Your Wellbeing Event
    With years of wellbeing workshops and seminars behind him the cuddle group founder can add to your wellbeing event by holding a cuddle group for participants who want to increase the feeling of wellbeing through touch and cuddle. Contact us now for more details and tell us about your event.

personalised cuddle groups inb your house office

1 2 1 cuddle buddy
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