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Rejection can be a worrisome thing to cope with. It can have a very damaging impact on us.


Being rejected by someone it can often make us feel small, worthless, insecure and unwanted. We can often lose our self-confidence and want to retreat into our self until we feel strong again.


Most people like to be loved and like being popular. It makes us feel good about ourselves. So the way we handle rejection can be an important factor on our future feelings.


How we deal with rejection is dependent on many factors, including our personality, childhood and past relationship experiences. Rejection comes in many forms from declined invitation to a birthday party to a lover walking out on you. Rejection can be a date who doesn't show up or a date who says that they don't want to take things further. Whatever the scenario, it is important to keep things in perspective by considering the bigger picture and focusing on the positive aspects of your life.


When we are rejected, no matter how it happens, we often want to blame ourselves. But the reality is that it's usually the other person's problem, not ours. The best thing we can do is to face reality and move on.


Being rejected hurts but try not to go into blame mode. Blaming the other person or yourself is not the answer. You should simply acknowledge that the rejecter had a reason and move on.

The fear of rejection is a debilitating issue and is often worse than the act itself.


Fear stops us from making the next. It stops us from approaching another person we really like. If rejection is the curse then confidence is the cure. The way to fix rejection is to balance it with confidence by investing in fun activities and positive thinking. If you feel good about yourself, you'll be able to recognise the great truths about yourself too. The more confident you are, the better you will be able to cope with most forms of rejection.


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