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Let's Get Physical

Touch is an amazing thing and a gift that many of us overlook when it comes to our overall wellbeing. We often tend to think of emotional wellbeing as being the most important to us as human beings but physical wellbeing is just as important. Remember physical wellbeing is not just about keeping fit and watching what we eat.

More and more these days people seem to want to protect their own physical space and while that is important it is also vital that we make physical contact with the things and the people around us. Our emotional wellbeing is directly linked to our physical wellbeing.

Recent cuddle group sessions ( ) that I have held have, according to participants, had emotional benefits lasting hours and sometimes days after the cuddle session ended.

Here are just a few comments on hugs and cuddles

1.       It connects us to our fellow human beings. Connection through touch is a bonding experience for both the giver and receiver. I believe that we are all connected through energy and bringing the physical aspect of connection into our life strengthens our bonds with each other

2.       Cuddling with your intimate partner brings you both closer emotionally. Show me relationship without physical intimacy and I will show you one that can be improved upon. Being hugged by our partner can reassure us that we are special to them. Longer more intimate sessions brings our emotional wellbeing and connection with each other to a higher level

3.       Hugging a complete stranger can benefit both you and them.  A non-intrusive cuddle can make even a stranger feel good. It can show we care and strengthen the bond between strangers so closely connected that it is almost hard to understand

4.       Spending some quiet cuddle time with one special individual or in a group can increase your feeling of wellbeing for many days afterwards. Long after the actual physical act of hugging and cuddling has ended the emotional effects and benefits of being hugged by someone or a group of people can linger in our inner being.

5.       We often cuddle or hug only when someone needs comforted or consoled. How about hugging someone who doesn’t appear to need consoling and see their energy levels increase. Oh and your will too!

Feed your mind with good thoughts and inspirational innovations. Feed your body with care compassion and cuddles 

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