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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this just an excuse for sex
Absolutely not. In fact anyone suggesting anything sexual either verbally or non verbally to another member will be removed from that event and banned for life from returning to ANY future Cuddle Groups.

I am single so will I feel ok?
Everyone, no matter their status is made welcome at the cuddle groups. So if you are a single person, a couple or even a group of friends you are most welcome to the cuddle group

We are a couple can we attend?
Yes. See above

cuddle groupWe are a group of friends can we attend?
Yes See above

Is it possible to hold a cuddle group in my house?
Yes. We hold cuddle groups open to the public in different venues around the country and world but we also cater for people who would like to have their own private cuddle group for a group of friends, workmates or even your local activity group. Please get in touch for more details of your own bespoke cuddle group or see the personalised cuddle group information here

Can I have a private bespoke cuddle group just for my friends?
Yes see above

Will my identity be revealed to other members?cuddle group
No. The only way other people in the group will know more about you than your first name is if you tell them.

Where are cuddle groups held?
If it is a public cuddle group then it will be in a venue which is comfortable and has plenty of space for people to relax. Sometimes it may be in someone's house if they are up for sharing their space. If it is a personalised cuddle group then it will be in a place that suits your needs.

Are cuddle groups ever held outside
Not often. Occasionally if we can find somewhere that is very private we will look at it but we don't want anyone not involved in the actual group looking on as it will cause some people in the group not to relaxcuddle group

Is there an age limit for attending a cuddle group
There is no upper age limit but you must be 18 or over to attend. Proof must be shown on request and failure to do this will result in refusal to attend a cuddle event

Does it cost to attend a cuddle group?
Sometimes. Some of the groups will be at no charge and some will have a charge but all will be clearly marked as free or not on this site

If there is a charge do I need to pay in advance?
Yes. There will be a 'pay now' button on this site where you will be able to pay via PayPal or by credit/debit card

Is Cuddle Group therapy?
No it is not therapy but certainly can be very therapeutic. The founder is a certified Life Coach who understands and facilitates various relationship and communication workshops and seminars around the world

Is there always an even number of men and women?
Most of the cuddle groups are for anyone (singles, couples, groups) over the age of 18, men and women. some are for women only and some for men only. We will attempt to keep the ratio of the sexes as even as possible but obviously this cannot be guaranteed and you may find that there is a predominance of men or women at cuddle groups for everyone.  cuddle group for non-sexual hugs and tactile interaction

I suffer from depression can I still attend a cuddle group?
If you are seeing a doctor or therapist for any kind of emotional issues or if you are taking medication for this then you must have your doctor or therapists permission to come along. You must also tell us by e-mailing info@cuddlegroup,com and telling the facilitator of the group prior to attending a group that you are seeing a doctor or therapist

Why do I need to ask my doctor or therapist?
Because sometimes the energy felt at the cuddle group can be emotional as you develop a level of tactile and communicative awareness that hugs, tactile behavior and cuddling can bring

What if I get sexually aroused?
This is certainly possible during such close tactile connection with other people. If it happens to you then we suggest that you tell the person/people you are cuddling that you need a break. Take some time to allow this normal human reaction to pass. 

wellbeing touchWhat if someone else gets sexually aroused?
If they do while cuddling you, and you are uncomfortable with it then simply tell them that you would like to take a break. Remember you can change your mind about cuddling anyone at any time even in the middle of a cuddle.

Can I do anything about the arousal I feel or suggest someone else does?
The short answer is No and the long answer is Nooooooooooooo

Is any kind of sexual behaviors allowed at the cuddle group.
No. The cuddle group is a Non-Sexual group.

Can I come to a cuddle group even if I am in a relationship or married?
Yes. But we do ask that you tell your partner and make them fully aware before coming along. Or better still bring your partner with you

How are limits enforced?
Everyone attending a cuddle group will sign (sometimes just before the event starts) an agreement that states that they agree to abide by the rules. There will also be a facilitator at every cuddle group to eject anyone not obeying the rules

What if the loose cloths I bring are not suitable or I forget to bring them
The facilitator will have the final say as to whether the loose clothing you bring is suitable for the cuddle group. If not, or if you forget to bring any you will usually be issued with a cuddle group long smock to wear

Cant I just wear my outdoor clothes
If they are comfortable then yes but we suggest you get yourself into the right mood by bringing loose indoor clothing to wear during the cuddle group. Some people bring joggers, some even bring pyjamas. Think comfort rather than sexy

What if I don't want to cuddle with someone in particular or with anyone at all?
That's simple. Just say no. We will spend some time during the introduction time practicing saying no. You can also learn more about it here

Is the Cuddle Group a safe place?
Yes. One of the reasons it is a safe place is because everyone knows before we begin that they have a right to say no to anyone and also how not to feel rejected if someone says no to them. This will be discussed at the introduction time but find out more about rejection here

What if I am not sure if I want to cuddle someone?
If you are not sure then say no. you can spend some time watching what others are doing and if/when you want to join in then you can approach people for a cuddle. Remember you can always change your mind later and ask to cuddle or stop cuddling them.

If you want to cuddle say Yes
If you don't want to cuddle say No
If you are not sure then say No

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