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Cuddle Groups for Single People

cuddle groups for singles peopleCuddle groups for single people are no different really than any other cuddle sessions except that none of the people attending a cuddle group are in an intimate relationship.

Why is this important to have a group just for single people? Well for many people it isn't important but for others it allows a little bit more reassurance that those around them are in a similar emotional situation as themselves. cuddle groups for singles people

The actual sessions are run the same as any other intimacy group and are fun and good for your emotional being

While cuddle for singles is not therapy it can be very therapeutic.

The sessions are designed and facilitated by a cuddle facilitator who will help you communicate in all sorts of ways through exploring the amazing sense of touch.

Who is this for?
Cuddle for people who are not currently in an intimate relationship.

If you have any questions or would like to be kept informed of future Cuddle Groups please contact us

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