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Cuddle 4 Couples

hugging in a relationship cuddles for couplesCuddles 4 Couples can be done in individual sessions with just one couple or can be done with more than one couple in groups.

While cuddle for couples is not therapy it can be very therapeutic.

The sessions are designed and facilitated by a cuddle facilitator who will help you communicate in all sorts of ways through exploring the amazing sense of touch.

Who is this for?
Cuddle for couples is for people who arecuddling in a relationship touch with my partner in a relationship, whether new or long established, who want to learn how to touch and be touched by their partner. It is about communication via touch, cuddling and hugging.

Individual couple cuddling
Individual sets of couples are guided through some basic and not so basic cuddling and hugging communication exercises. Your facilitator will be with you both all the way and although may seem strange at first you will find that you soon forget that they are there and will be engrossed in the tender cuddling in a relationship touch with my partnercommunication through hugging, cuddling and touching your partner

Couple cuddling in groups
Coupe cuddling in groups is not about cuddling other peoples partners. it is simply that the group of couples will all be in the same room doing the samecuddling in a relationship touch with my partner things. many couples enjoy this experience as it adds to the sense of intimacy. Note this is not about sex but is about sensuality through touch.

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