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Individual Cuddle Session Research

 Here is how you can help

I am looking for individuals to participate in a one to one cuddle session with another person. See below for FAQ

I know that may sound a bit strange to some people but it is a totally safe and relaxed environment and a facilitator (usually me) will be there at all times. I am looking for people who might be interested in helping with this and if that is you then get in touch. 

Hugging and cuddling come naturally to some people but to others it feels like an infringement on their "space"

We are carrying out some simple research into how cuddling makes people feel and how it can improve the wellbeing of individuals

Some people who are on their own or single don't often (or ever) get the opportunity to hug others in an intimately meaningful and more beneficial way.

Often we have friends that we give a "hello hug" and a "goodbye hug", and while that can be a bonding experience it doesn’t come close to the benefits of sustained more intimate non-sexual contact with another human being.

Amazingly many people think that cuddles and hugs are only physical and to do with the body but nothing could be further from reality. A baby will bond with its parents through caressing touch and play. It builds an emotional bond that could be lacking without meaningful physical contact

Here is how you can help

I am looking for individuals to participate in a one to one cuddle session with another person. See below for FAQ and contact me to enquire about taking part in a research session

Individual Hug Session Research FAQ

What is this research for?
I run cuddle groups and in an attempt to find out more about the effect of human contact I decided to research it a bit more so that the group cuddle sessions I run are even more effective

Will the results of the research be published anywhere?
This isn’t an academic study and I am not too sure what use the information will be for anyone apart for me in my endeavor to understand and hold cuddle sessions for people. While I don’t intend sharing the information I gather with anyone in particular this might well happen in the future?

What about my privacy?
I will not give your personal information to anyone else. The research outcome as a whole work may be shared but your individual details will not

Will I get paid for my time?
There is no payment for your time for this research

Will there be any nakedness involved?
No. All research sessions are fully clothed (usually in loose fitting clothing)

How long will the session last?
About one hour or so

Will the session be monitored?
Yes there will always be a facilitator either in the room with you or observing. Each session will also be video

What about my safety?
So that you are never accused of doing anything that is inappropriate during the session the session will be facilitated and videoed.

What happens to the video?
The video will not be shown to anyone else but will be studied as part of the research by the facilitator(s)

Will my identity be revealed to the other person?
No. The only way the other person will know more about you than your first name is if you tell them.

Where are the research sessions held?
There are 3 possibilities. The most usual is that I will choose a venue suitable and close to both participants. Occasionally I may agree to have the research session at your home or at the other participants home if requested by either of you and if both are in agreement. But most of the time I will organise a suitable place to hold the research

Is there an age limit for taking part in a research session?
There is no upper age limit but you must be 18 or over to attend. Proof of age must be shown on request

What if I get sexually aroused?
This is certainly possible during such close tactile connection with another person. If it happens to you then we suggest that you tell the other person that you need a break. Take some time to allow this normal human reaction to pass. If the other participant gets aroused, and you are uncomfortable with it then simply tell them that you would like to take a break.

Can I do anything about the arousal I feel or suggest someone else does?
The short answer is No and the long answer is Nooooooooooooo. This is a non-sexual research session

What should I wear?

Loose clothing is usually best. Some people bring jogger bottoms and a T shirt.

What if the loose cloths I bring are not suitable or I forget to bring them
The facilitator will have the final say as to whether the loose clothing you bring is suitable for the research session. If not, or if you forget to bring any you can use your outdoor clothes

Will the other person be the same age as me?

We will ask your age preference prior to accepting you as a research candidate and aim to find someone that meets your request

Will the other person be the same or opposite gender as me?

We will ask your gender preference prior to accepting you as a research candidate and always give you someone that meets your request

What if I get there and don’t want to go through with the session?

We will never ask anyone to do anything they are not 100% comfortable with so it is your responsibility to tell the facilitator if at any time you do not want to continue with the research session

Is the research session a safe place?
Yes. One of the reasons it is a safe place is because everyone knows before we begin that they have a right to say no to anyone and also how not to feel rejected if someone says no to them. This will be discussed at the introduction time prior to the session

For information on what happens at a Cuddle Group please go here and also read through the frequently asked questions here

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