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About Us

What is Cuddle Group?
Cuddle Group combines emotional wellbeing with physical wellbeing. It is all about NON-SEXUAL tactile communication and energy between people in individuals.

Cuddle Group started when its founder, an established Life Coach, Public Speak and Workshop Facilitator decided to use some of the techniques he had been using for years with his individual clients, with groups too.

He believes that while intellectually learning about how to achieve greater wellbeing using the mind worked well, when combined with the feel-good effect of touch then it was amplified and even more effective.

"It is about putting what we learn about ourselves and our fellow humans into practice". "Many humans lack a non-sexual intimate place to grow, share and communicate what they know, which is emotionally and physically safe".

The Cuddle Group events are social places and designed for people over the age of 18 to explore their tactile side by working on communication, boundaries and saying no. They are always facilitated by someone who understands relationships and communication.

Who is the founder of cuddle group? More information here

While this is not therapy its effects can be very therapeutic

Cuddle Group events feature:
Introductory exercises at the beginning of each event to break the ice and get you into the habit of asking for what you want and saying yes and no honestly. We touch on personal boundaries and prepare a holistic social environment that attracts fascinating people and provides a wonderful opportunity for connection, learning and growing.

What happens at a Cuddle Group?
After you arrive you will change into your loose clothing (which you bring with you). You will do this in a private changing area. The Cuddle Group starts with an 30 minute introduction and ice breaking item. The Introduction is an important part of the event because it is where we create the structure and safe space for the socialising to follow. It is also where we break the ice, and get a group of strangers to feel not so strange to one another.

This is where everyone can:

  • introduce yourselves
  • learn about the Cuddle Group philosophy
  • be clear about the rules
  • be led through a few ice-breaker exercises

After the introduction we begin the cuddle hour when it is time to:

  • ask for what you want
  • say yes or no to requests and invitations Learn more about saying no
  • cuddle and connect according to your desires and comfort
  • just talk if you prefer
  • connect with fascinating people
  • relax into the flow of an unusually playful and respectful social environment.

Some participants:

  • cuddle in groups
  • cuddle one-on-one
  • like to talk for a bit before cuddling
  • cuddle a soft toy they brought
  • do not cuddle at all

Cuddling can mean lots of things. For example it can be:

  • feet against feet
  • back against back
  • full-body hugs
  • head-rubs
  • back/shoulder rubs
  • spooning
  • standing up, sitting down or laying down

At all times the facilitator is on hand so that you can feel relaxed, safe, supported and at ease to have a great time with your experiences.
At the end of the cuddle hour we spend a few minutes sharing our experiences of the cuddle hour and finish with a silent meditation and closing thoughts.
Some participants may want to continue socialising by going to a nearby restaurant, café or bar (this is not part of the cuddle event). Others will simply head home.
All participants must be over 18 years old and provide proof to the facilitator if requested


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