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The Cuddle Group

Welcome to the Cuddle Group where people come together to connect with each other in an amazing way.

For information on what happens at a Cuddle Group please go here and also read through the frequently asked questions here

A cuddle group is a structured, connecting workshop which explores affection, intimacy, boundaries and verbal/non-verbal communication.cuddler group for wellbeing

This is a non-sexual event in which you can meet new people in a relaxing environment. A safe place where you can experiment with whatever allows you to feel considered and respected as well as to feel clear about the non-sexual touch that feels good to you.

It is a place for people to rediscover non-sexual touch and affection
It is a space to re-frame assumptions about your fellow human beings
It is a fun networking event where you can meet new friends and possibly  business partners or even significant others

Touch is a vital part of everyday life. But with today's busy lifestyle some people are not able to be as tactile and have the human connection with others that they would like. Being tactile with other people can help reduce stress and increase positivity. Even if you are not too used to being cuddled or hugged you can come along and enjoy the safe environment of the Cuddle Groupcuddle group

It must be stressed that although there is obviously some amount of tactile goings on at the Cuddle Group events there is NEVER any sexual activity at them. In fact anyone attempting to make this happen will be ejected and banned fro returning to any cuddle groups.

Cuddle groups are for everyone (over the age of 18). So come along if you are single, a couple in a relationship, a group of friends. oh and it goes without saying you can be a man or a women.

cuddle groupWhen you arrive at a Cuddle Group you will spend a few minutes mingling with other Cuddlers while we wait for everyone to come in. You will also be asked to change into the loose clothing that you brought with you during this time. When it is time to begin we will close the doors as latecomers are not allowed in. This may seem harsh but the introduction that happens before every Cuddle Group is one of the most important parts of the night and everyone must be there for that part.

Attending a cuddle group is not just a bout coming along and hugging; it is a complete mind, body and soul experience. so come along expecting to leave feeling great after having connected with the universe and your fellow human beings 

The relaxed introduction lasts for about 30 minutes and is the time where the facilitator goes through the rules for the evening. It is also a time when we learn the importance of saying 'No'. Cuddle Group is a safe place and it can only be safe if everyone understands and agrees to abide by the rules. Everyone has the opportunity to ask questions during the introduction.

Then we will begin the cuddle session which lasts about 1 hour. This is a time to connect with those in the the group as long as you have their verbal permission. Learn more about this time here

Once the cuddle session is ended we spend a few minutes winding down and discussing how we felt during the cuddle session. This is a time for everyone to leave the cuddle group with renewed vigour and optimism for the future.

If you have any questions or would like to be kept informed of future Cuddle Groups then please fill in the join us form or e mail us

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